How We Work


An initial conversation to outline what you are hoping to get from your new garden. We have a process we hope helps focus what your priorities and needs are. We will also provide you with an indication of fees and how we work.

Site Survey

This is where we can start to outline what is needed to construct your garden. We can also work out soil type and drainage, from this we can work on a plant outline based on soil type and location. We will also be able to provide an estimate of your dream outdoor space.


We can produce an initial sketch based on our discussions and site survey, from this we can start to finalise the design ideas.

Garden Design

This is when your garden starts to take shape, on paper and screen at least. We will provide a 2D drawing and a 3D graphic. As well as the hard landscaping we will also produce a planting plan. This will enable us to provide more accurate costings.

Construction Drawings

Once you are happy with the overall design we can provide a construction drawing to ensure your dream outdoor space is achieved.

Project Management

We offer full project management whether this involves suppliers, deliveries, local authorities, building inspectors or any technical issues so you don’t have to. This ensures seamless project delivery.