Outdoor Kitchens and BBQ Areas

Outdoor Kitchens seem to be the latest addition to gardens these days, I should know I have been involved in the design and build of these projects for the last nine years.

Nine years ago the general response to the phrase “Outdoor Kitchens” was “Outdoor What?” Having explained the concept the general response was “but we don’t have the weather” or “we only have a couple of BBQ’s a year”. However, times and technology are changing.

The UK is pretty much alone in when and how we BBQ. Germans and Scandinavian are keen all year round BBQers, they put on a coat or heating if it gets cooler. But this is changing, the UK is now Europes leading BBQ nation. Proof can be seen in most supermarkets when the summer BBQ food sections seem to get bigger every year.

Whether people are looking for a simple built in BBQ or an outdoor kitchen there are plenty of options. They can be just a built in BBQ or include everything including a kitchen sink (excuse the pun).

It is now possible to have indoor kitchen equipment outdoors. Apart from the BBQ there are side burners (gas rings) for pans, woks etc. great if you want to have the beans or pasta cooking next to you while you BBQ. I also like to cook my breakfast on the side burner in the summer.

There are also outdoor rated fridges which can sit outside all year round in the pouring rain. Outdoor teppanyakis are an alternative way to cook. Warming drawers to keep the plates or food warm. Sinks outdoors are very popular, great to prepare food or washing up. Pizza ovens are great fun for everyone and the pizzas are the best you will ever taste. There is even an outdoor dishwasher coming soon apparently!

The move to gas and speedy ways of lighting charcoal means that it becomes a simple question of where do you want to cook, indoors or outdoors? The latest heating systems, fire pits, fireplaces and shelters mean it is possible to extend the evening and summer season.

The materials used in the structure can reflect your garden design, brick, stone or a rendered blockwork are popular but a timber construction is possible. The construction need not be overly expensive but it will need to be weatherproof and built to last. Whatever the style or equipment required there is a likely solution.

So if you would like to make more use of your outdoor space with an outdoor kitchen do get in touch.

Till next time.

Simon Prince